Our unique approach to leadership coaching is designed to understand the systemic and organizational behavioral challenges that are getting in the way of your success.  Whether you're a C-Suite executive or a mid-level manager, anyone at any level of an organization can benefit from this service.

Clients can expect the following outcomes: 

  • Increased awareness of one's approach to exercising leadership 
  • Strategies on how to effectively lead real-time challenges
  • A map of personal deep rooted barriers to change and strategies on how to overcome them
  • Deepened understanding of systems 
  • Increased ability to prioritize and make progress towards desired goal



A full-day workshop designed at Harvard by two psychologists and is based on over 25 years of research on adult development.  

Participants can expect to leave with following:    

  • A comprehensive tool to map out the very human reasons why individuals and organizations are resistant to change. 
  • A map of your own psychological immune system to wanted changes. 
  • Concerted ways to unlock the potential to overcome the immune system and finally make progress an a commitment. 


We also specialize in facilitating meetings around your needs.  Specialties include: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Vision setting
  • Long range planning. 


Designed at the Harvard Kennedy School, this workshop uses an experiential instructional methodology called Case-in-Point unique to the process of learning the Adaptive Leadership framework (created by Ronald Heifetz). Participants can expect to leave with the following: 

  • An understanding of the key leadership principles critical to exercising leadership effectively. 
  • Concrete skills and knowledge of competencies and their application to real-time leadership challenges. 
  • A map of stakeholders and how to navigate complex stakeholder relationships to make progress on a tough challenge. 
  • Ideas on strategic next steps one can start to experiment with to address their leadership challenge. 


Using a proprietary methodology, we take you through a highly engaging and participatory process of strategic planning based on your unique needs.  The process is designed to produce the following outcomes: 

  • Increased stakeholder ownership in both designing and realizing a mutually desired future state
  • Engagement of diverse stakeholders to ensure that the plan is one that includes the voices of all those who are required to execute. 
  • Understanding by each stakeholder of they systemic challenges that may hinder progress, and each stakeholders role in creating both the problem and finding the solution
  • An opportunity to co-create a shared vision that each stakeholder can join around.