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i-D Leadership Consulting leverages research on management innovations, systems change, and social system dynamics, to unlock the potential of today’s competitive advantage - your capacity to adapt.  


What Drives Us

Constant change and uncertainty is a given. We exist to develop the capacity of your organization, and the individuals in it, to adapt and thrive.

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What We Do

 We combine our training in systems thinking with leadership, and research on how humans behave in organizations, to inform how to help you implement change that lasts. 

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How We Think

The way we think about solving complex problems is informed by three key schools of thought : Adaptive Leadership, Systems Thinking, and Design Methodologies. 



Who We Are

i-D Leadership is a part of a cooperative of leadership and OD consultants. Teams are carefully selected based on your organization's specific needs.


Let us help you design solutions that align with you values, vision, and organizational knowledge.


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