The following are some examples of challenges faces by our clients and how i-D Leadership's services were utilized:

  • New Manager
    • Case:  A startup co-founder is tasked with managing a group of employees for the first time.  
    • Service Provided:  Regular one-on-one conversations with the co-founder to help the client reflect on team dynamics and processes that are hindering the work at hand. 
  • Persistent Organizational Challenges
    • Case: A school that was considered "failing" for almost 10 years under the same managers. 
    • Service(s) Provided: 
      • Cyclical organization-wide assessment to determine root causes of organizational "dysfunction".  
      • Custom designed interventions using assessment findings including one-on-one coaching with principal. 
  • Counterproductive Culture
    • Case:  A growing gap between espoused values and culture versus actual values and culture. 
    • Service Provided:  Custom designed trainings and meetings to address root causes and establish a system-wide understanding of what it means to exercise leadership. 
  • Change Management
    • Case: Impending shifts in staff and strategic direction of an organization. 
    • Service Provided: Immunity-to-ChangeTM workshop facilitated with entire staff with follow-up sessions to monitor progress.