We specialize in the following areas:

Organizational Design and Development

  • Organizational Transformation

  • Design and Development of Systems for Startups

  • Strategy Design and Implementation

  • Re-Organization Design

Team Development

  • Challenge Course Based Team Development

  • Team Development Facilitation Workshops

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Consultation

  • Process Consultation

Culture Change

USE Cases

The following are common reasons why we are hired: 

  • Implementation of a strategic plan

  • Design systems to increase capacity to scale

  • Redesign organizational structure to align with culture, values, and vision

  • Create customized management and organizational systems customized to align with organization's strengths, values, and vision

  • Increase teams performance and engagement

  • Assess and address:

    • Organizational culture issues that are negatively impacting performance

    • Strategic challenges that persist over time

    • Systemic (micro and macro) impediments to collaboration across departments

    • Root causes of systemic barriers to success


IMPACT: How We've Helped our Clients

NEED: An growing startup has outgrown its systems and processes and is beginning to see inefficiencies in output and lowered employee engagement. 
SERVICE: Organizational Design
DELIVERED: A needs assessment to determine root causes of inefficiencies, worked closely with team to co-create a prototype solution, and supported the implementation of the solution. 
IMPACT:  1. Equipped the team with a problem solving process that could be applied to other immediate challenges; 2. Increased productivity; 3. Overall employee engagement and satisfaction increased within a 6 month timeframe. 

NEED: An organization that was founder-led for 20+ years stepped down and selected a current team member to take the helm.
SERVICE: Coaching and Organizational Re-Design
DELIVERED: Organization needs assessment and design and implementation of organization design to address needs of team and vision.
IMPACT: 1. A new organizational structure that aligns with the needs of the new vision; 2. Increase capacity for the new executive director to exercise leadership to meet the demands of the role, the vision, and the team.

NEED: A new team tasked with supporting 37 public schools needed to learn to work together effectively and maximize their capacity to have an impact. 
SERVICE: Team Development
DELIVERED:  Weekly curriculum of experiential team development opportunities coupled with ongoing process consultation to build accountability. 
IMPACT:  A high performing team that leveraged working agreements, norms, and tools to maintain psychological safety to safeguard it's capacity to more effectively support schools.